Sophisticated investment system delivered through the cloud.

Our mission is to set a new standard for investment and risk management software by leveraging the latest research and technologies in novel ways.

We develop environmentally friendly solutions and run our code on some of the world’s cleanest cloud servers.


Improved Decisions

Our system enables you to perform rigorous and sophisticated analysis, making your investment decisions more nuanced and informed.

Increased Productivity

Perform advanced computations in a matter of minutes and maximize the time you spend on actual investment and risk analysis.

Cost Savings

Significant costs savings related to initial research and development as well as testing, documentation, installation, and maintenance.


Cohesive & Flexible

Experience an elegant integration of various investment and risk technologies that form a cohesive yet flexible system.

Novel & Cutting Edge

By combining cutting edge research and technologies, we offer truly novel functionality and solutions to long-standing problems.

Plug & Play

Our solution is always up to date, ready to use, and requires no local installation. You simply upload your data and start to analyze.

Investment Analysis Module

The Investment Analysis module is a highly flexible and cohesive system of stress-testing, optimization, risk budgeting, and analysis technologies operating on P&L and risk factor simulations, making it applicable to any investment portfolio and instrument.

The module is developed in close collaboration with institutional investment and risk managers to ensure that it solves the problems they experience in practice in relation to advanced constraints, risk budgets, derivative instruments, transaction costs, and parameter uncertainty.

Although the individual technologies are powerful standalone, it is the elegant integration that truly separates our system from other existing solutions. Users can perform cohesive and sophisticated analysis in a matter of minutes, usually saving them days or weeks of tedious and error prone work.

Client Cases

We develop novel investment technologies for institutional investors with complex analysis and portfolio construction needs. Below are some of the collaborations that we can announce.


Velliv is one of the largest commercial pension funds in Denmark. Velliv works with investment and risk management in highly sophisticated ways and has been awarded “pension fund of the year” several times in recent years.

pip install

Freely explore open-source implementations of some of our fundamental technologies by visiting our open-source site. Note that our open-source software is completely separate from our proprietary solution and therefore not representative of its functionality. If you are an institutional investor and want to experience how these technologies can be used in very elegant ways, please request a demo of the Investment Analysis module.


Fortitudo Technologies is a fintech company offering novel investment technologies as well as quantitative and digitalization consultancy to the investment management industry.

We are strongly committed to environmental sustainability and always strive to minimize our environmental footprint.

We are a paperless company and therefore kindly ask for your understanding in relation to us being unable to send or share any printed material.

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