We are always interested in collaborating with extraordinary talented people. We are especially likely to have an opening for you if you are a student currently pursuing an MSc in mathematics, computer science, machine learning, data science, or similar.

If you are a local student who can easily commute to our office, the collaboration can be a student assistant job. Otherwise, we offer research project collaborations as a part of your university degree where you get the opportunity to work on highly relevant topics related to quantitative investment and risk management in practice.

Whether you are looking for a student assistant job or a research collaboration, you should know that:

  • We believe in broad roles and areas of responsibility, so you likely have to be a lifelong learner and very curious to enjoy working with us.
  • We set ambitious goals for ourselves and our work. We want you to also set the bar high and be motivated by the pursuit of excellence.

If the above resonates with your personality and educational background, please contact us by sending an email to